SureShot Bulldogs

Lil Sassafrass will make the perfect little addition to your home.  She is sweet and funny.   She will be a standard sized girl, and has alot of love to offer.  

Red is an awesome little guy.   Lovely personality , quiet and does not wrong.  He is quite loving and is a vibrant red brindle!   

Our expecting mommies only receive the best of the BEST care!   Potential mothers are vet checked by the best bulldog vets prior to breeding, fed a high quality kibble, receive the best supplements, including Nu-Vet Plus Vitamins.  We also confirm pregnancy by ultrasound , and follow up with another ultrasound prior to delivery to make sure puppies are doing well.   After initial confirmation of pregnancy, mothers receive the BEST cooked beef roasts and fresh chicken and veggies!!!  We believe good nutrition is a solid base for fetal development and mothers well being!

For consideration of a home for this litter or future litters, contact us for a questionnaire!  

Lizou is a lovely standard 44 pound bitch.   She has several health clearances and has been very healthy.  She was an AWESOME mommy.   TJ is one of the sweetest males you will ever come across.   He is a standard sized male approx 56 pounds.  A comical clown with a happy personality.   The bulldog vet said at checks he had never seen such happy puppies with wagging tails!

Ch.Hurricane Thank Our Lucky Stars

​Ch. SureShot One Trick Pony's Double​


We do have a beautiful puppy girl and a puppy male from this litter.    Both are flashy red brindle and white.  Please do not inquire unless you are ready to fill out our questionnaire!