SureShot Bulldogs

GCh. SureShot Diggin It Down by the River

(MBISS Ch. Beauties Amos x GCh. SureShot One Trick Pony)

Farley started off his career right out of the gates.  Just a hair past 6 months his first show he went breed over specials for a 5 point major, he continued to win that weekend, and came up two points shy of his title in his first weekend out.  He finished quite easily.  

Farley is co-owned and loved by Kerri Ekard

Ch. SureShot Cattle Kate

(Ch. SureShot White Lightning x Only Lil Orphan Annie

Katie is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet!  Very laid back and never does any wrong.  She finished with 2 specialty majors!

GCh. SureShot One Trick Pony HOF (2nd tier)
(Ch. Millcoats Pilgrams WJ x Oakwoods Lil Twist of Melrod)

Izzy is a beautiful headed, free moving  lovely bitch!  She was an added addition to our family that fell into our lap!  Izzy finished with 4 majors all under breeder judges. She has been a constant companion, and has produced beautiful pups!

2012 Nationals Brood Bitch Winner

  Cystine Clear!

Ch. SureShot Annie Oakley

(MBISS Ch. Only Asher x Only Lil Orphan Annie)

Patch was a fun challenging girl to show!  Such a clown in the ring, and her antics would make everyone laugh!

Ch. SureShot Pretty Hot and Tempting
​(MBISS Ch. Only Asher x Only Lil Orphan Annie).

Phatty is a standard sized girl and finished her title quite easily with two 5 point specialty majors, and a 4 point ab major!   Quite loveable and squishy!  She is the dam of our girl Kira!

Ch. SureShot Only Calamity Jane

(Ch. Kennedy's Boom Boom Cannon x Ch. Jalapeno Pepper

Calamity Jane is a showstopper, standard sized bitch with tons of personality!!!  She finished with two 5-point specialty Majors!!  

Our Dogs

Kira was inducted into the Hall of Fame 2017 with only having one litter and producing 5 champions!

We are VERY excited to announce Izzy is 2nd tier HOF eligible with Geronimo, Jaws, Farley, PowWow, Giddy, Annie, Duffer and Lizou completing thier titles!

She has proven herself in the ring, AND the whelping box!   

Ch. SureShot Some Like It Hot HOF

(Ch. Cedarlane's Starbuck x Ch. SureShot Pretty Hot and Tempting)

Kira is a standard sized flashy red and white lil girl!  Tons of bone and mass in a little package!  

Kira is co-owned and Loved by Ranee Randby!

Cardiac, Patella normal

Ch. SureShot Pony Express

(MBISS Ch. Edward's Ace in the Hole x GCh. SureShot One Trick Pony)

Giddy Up is a standard size girl with tons of rib and mass in a thick little package.  She has a lovely disposition, and very sound with fluid movement!

Giddy Up is HUU and Cystine Clear, and patella, cardiac, trachea normal