SureShot Bulldogs

Water Bottle Lixits

 Awesome for travel, dog shows, or even at home.  Simply attach a bottle of water to the end and attach the unit to the crate.   

 $15.00 each

Bitchy Britches

   Britches for bitches, that are in season, simply place a feminine pad inside the fleece lined panties, and no worries when they are running around about a mess!


Tulle TuTu's   

 Made custom order to your desired color palate with a beautiful coordinating ribbon!

Starting at $40.00

$95.00 per vest

Cooling Vests

   Made to velcro around your dogs body, comes in a variety of fabrics.   Has a special insert at chest area to insert ice, or an ice pack.

$40.00 per collar

$50.00 per belly band

Cooling Collars/Cooling Belly bands, are made to help keep your dog cool by velcro around their neck or their waist. These are made to insert ice cubes inside, and come in a variety of choice fabric!

$115.00 set

 - includes collar 

     and coat

Cooling Sets are made to order with a variety of choice fabric.  

We can custom make your beautiful cooling products for your dog!  In the ring these work well for dogs to assist in keeping them cool and calm.Whether you show or not these are sure to assist in keeping your dog cool and stylish!  Contact us to start your custom order today!  We accept paypal!

  • Cooling Coats
  • Cooling Collars
  • Cooling Belly Bands
  • Cooling Vests
  • Water Bottle Adapters
  • Bitchy Britches for females in Season
  • Belly Bands for males that mark
  • Tulle TuTu's for your pets
Cool Coats, Collars , and Products