Welcome to SureShot Bulldogs!  We are a small home based hobby breeder/kennel , located not far where Annie Oakley herself was born and raised. 

I have had bulldogs for  over 14 years, and have  been actively showing for over 5 years.    I love the bulldog breed. I am an active member in the Buckeye Bulldog Club, and a Governor in Division II, Bulldog Club of America,.

I have shown and finished 8 of my own champions, with more well on their way, and I have helped finish  others breeders bulldogs.  I occasionally exhibit for others, depending what I am showing, and have also done conformation training for other breeders.

I occasionally breed, and only do so to produce my next show hopeful.   I strive to produce healthy puppies that conform to the standard.

I hope you enjoy my site, and my dogs....as much as I do!
Our girl that started all this bulldog madness, Akira was purchased by Sean and I while I was in Nursing School.  Back then, I didn' t know anything about showing.  So at age 10 1/2, she was "brought out" at the Detroit/Toledo bulldog show in 2007, where she won the Veteran Bitch Class under Breeder Judge Carole Newman from England.  Akira  passed, at 11 1/2 years,  after complications from infection from a mastectomy and spay.  She was our beloved child.

Patch, Phatty, Calamity Jane and Annie ...enjoying the  Ohio  winter snow!
SureShot Bulldogs