SureShot Bulldogs

Welcome to our website!  SureShot Bulldogs is a small breeder kennel not far from where Annie Oakley herself was born and raised.

We have had bulldogs for over 17 years, and been actively showing for 9 years.   I currently belong to the Buckeye Bulldog Club, and the Bulldog Club of America, where i currently am a governor of Division II.  I have held numerous offices and wore many hats in the local breed clubs. 

I have finished many of my own champions with more on their way.  I have also shown and championed others bulldogs.  I love this breed, their quirky human like qualities,  and the thrill of showing a nice dog on the end of my lead! 

I occasionally breed , and do only for my next show hopeful!!  There is alot of work and thought behind every SureShot breeding.   We take our dogs, breedings, and potential homes very seriously! 


Take a look thru our site at our beautiful dogs!!  Feel free to contact us about future breedings or about our great line up of stud dogs!